Modern Cane Dining Chair


By Bueno

In terms of comfort, this modern cane dining chair features padded cushions on the seat for added support and relaxation during meals. This cushion was upholstered in leather to match the overall decor of the dining room.

Whether used as standalone dining chair or as part of a complete dining set, modern cane dining chair bring a unique and stylish touch to any dining space.


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Modern Cane Dining Chair

Modern Cane Dining Chair Modern Cane Dining Chair


Brand:Bueno Furniture


Material:Leather Upholstered,Cane Back,Solid Wood Leg,Gold Sock

The backrest of the chair is where the cane weaving comes into play. Cane is a durable and flexible material derived from the rattan plant, known for its natural beauty and strength. The cane is intricately woven to create a pattern that adds texture and visual interest to the chair.

The combination of the modern wood frame,leather upholstered backrest and the cane weaving creates a harmonious balance between contemporary and traditional design elements. This blend allows the chair to fit seamlessly into various interior styles, such as Scandinavian, mid-century modern, bohemian, or eclectic.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 62 × 78 cm

White, Black, White Brown, Grey, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Red, Cream, Orange, Camel


Genuine Leather, PU Leather, Fabric, Velvet, Cashmere


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